Celebrating 91 years.

The Greater Fall River Symphony Society is dedicated to bringing quality music to the community. We hope you will join us as we celebrate our 91st season.

Committed to Our Community.

Our community orchestra is made up of amateur and professional musicians with one common goal: to share our passion for music with our community and each other.

Scholarship Opportunities.

High school seniors who have performed with the symphony for at least one year are eligible to apply for a college scholarship. Applicants must be participating in music at college but do not have to major in music to apply. If you are interested in contributing to our scholarship fund, please contact us.

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In Memorium Concert

FRSO Members Being Honored:
Joseph Conte - violin
Harold Isserlis - violin
Doris LaFrance - violin
Megan Leary - violin
Barbara Shore - violin
Ed Vieira - violin
Alfred Leis - viola
Alan Rosenberg - viola
Susan Anderson - violoncello
Janet Buckley-Smith - violoncello
Joan Hornsby - violoncello
Anne Lima - violoncello
Ed Perry - violoncello
Ruth Trexler - violoncello
Barbara Whalen - violoncello
John Swoboda - oboe
Ed Gardner - clarinet
Rita Shand - bassoon
E. Vance Lanzi - french horn
Carlos Santos - trumpet
John Zawislak - trombone
Barbara Donaldson - board member
Joanne Fernandes (McGuinness) - board member
Muriel Fiore - board member
Anne Fiore-Smith - board member
Alice Harrington - board member
Lucille Hadley - board member
Martha Howarth - board member
Carleton Marsden - board member
Roberta Mullen - board member
James O'Neill - board member
Lorena Pacheco - board member
Bruce Rex - board member
John Scanlon - board member
Maxine Sinderoff - board member
June Taylor - board member
Margaret L. Jackson Arts Center Theater
Bristol Community College


May 1, 2016   4 PM

The In Memoriam Concert will be held one hour later than our usual concerts and will be performed at St. Mary's Cathedral in Fall River, MA.

In Memoriam Concert is a concert dedicated to celebrating the lives of our families and community members who are no longer with us. Often times the orchestra or symphony concert is an event where master works are presented in a public arena. Less often the concerts are presented to create a space where the audience can celebrate, morn, remember a loved one. This concert will serve as a venue for our community to come together and remember those who we love that are no longer with us. We will create a solemn place for peace, hope, solace and reflection. This concert was inspired by the passing of several orchestra members. We wanted to celebrate their lives and serve our community by creating a space so that they can celebrate the lives of their loved ones as well.