2017-2018 Concert Season

Sunday Concerts at 3PM

Margaret L. Jackson Arts Center Theater

Bristol Community College Fall River, MA

Season Notes:

The 2017-18 Fall River Symphony Orchestra season will be one to remember. We are dedicating the season to our beloved, Maestro Faust Fiore (1921-2017). Maestro Fiore led the orchestra for thirty years, which is an amazing accomplishment. Since I was named music director for the 2014-15 season, I think Faust only missed one concert. I always looked forward to speaking with him after the shows. He was always encouraging and extremely positive. Although I started planning this season back in the winter and after I learned of his passing this spring, I knew that I wanted to make a statement of gratitude to mark his legacy. I am confident we will accomplish this goal.

The Fall Concert (October 29th) is called the Enigma. The concert will begin with a relatively new piece called Café Neon. My teacher/mentor and conductor of the Melrose, Cape Ann and Quincy Symphony Orchestras, Yoichi Udagawa, commissioned this piece and premiered it back in November 2000. I Played in his orchestras at the time, and I remember the piece well. This Fantasy on Greek Songs and Dances, was composed by the Greek American composer/conductor Steven Karidoyanes. More than anything, the piece made me feel like I was at some café enjoying the rich culture of the Greek landscape. 

The next piece that we will play on the concert will be a world premiere of a piece that I commissioned for electric guitar and orchestra. My old friend and classmate, Rusty Banks is finishing the work as I am writing these words. I have not heard one note nor do I have an official title. I am totally excited. More than many instruments, old or modern, the electric guitar is defiantly an enigma.     

Lastly, the FRSO will be presenting Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations. In my opinion, this is his most well-known work. It is comprised of fourteen variations based on a theme that he never presents. There are bits and pieces of this mysterious theme throughout the work, but it is never presented as a theme itself in the work. To add to the mystery, he titles each of the fourteen movements after a character (someone he knows).  The first movement is titled C.A.E after his wife, Caroline Alice Elgar. He creates these delightful caricatures of each of his companions through the music. One of my favorites is variation eleven titled G.R.S. for George Robertson Sinclair, but the variation is not about Mr. Sinclair at all. It’s about his bulldog, Dan. He captures the spirit of the playful dog perfectly. 

The Holiday Pops Concert (December 10th) is called the Gift. We will be teaming up with the South Coast Community Chorale as they celebrate their twentieth season. There will be some excellent treats like Highlights from the Messiah, some Irving Berlin and a great piece called Musicological Journey of the 12 days of Christmas. There will be other fabulous treats on that concert! St. Anne’s Credit Union is sponsoring the concert as one of their Christmas gifts to the community.

The Winter Concert (March 4, 2018), the Titan, will be massive. We will be presenting two musical Titans, Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler. The show will begin with someone who turned the world of music upside down. Wagner revolutionized the opera. When you watch a movie in theaters today and you hear special music for each character, well you can thank Wagner for that. He invented the leitmotif among many other things. He expanded the orchestra to ginormous sizes, and so did Mahler. It is said that Mahler’s eight symphony “Symphony of a Thousand” requires a minimum 750 singers and musicians to perform the work. The FRSO will be performing his Symphony No. 1, which is often referred to as the Titan. This performance will require a very large orchestra including eight horn players and a very large woodwind section. 

The Spring Pops (May 20, 2018) is called the Heavens. The performance will include: Gustav Holst, the Planets, the Molto allegro (movement four) from the Mozart Jupiter, Symphony No. 41 in C major, and an arrangement by our own Douglas McRay Daniels of Stairway to Heaven.


May 20, 2018 - The Heavens

Gustav Holst: The Planets

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Jupiter; Movement IV: Molto Allegro


Past Performances:


October 29, 2017 - The Enigma

Elgar: Enigma Variations

Steven Karidoyanes: Cafe Neon

Rusty Banks: Electric Guitar Concerto World Premier


December 10, 2017 - The Gift

Holiday Pops Concert with the South Coast Community Chorus

Music of:

Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakoff

George Frederick Handel

Irving Berlin

Leroy Anderson and others


March 4, 2018 - The Titan

Wagner: Tannhäuser

Mahler: Symphony No.1